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Requests Checklist

Requests Checklist

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Tagged! And new fandoms...

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 11:47 PM
So... long time no see. Again! With a couple new fandoms to come home to. Marvel and Sherlock, this time. Last October I fell into Doctor Who, this April Captain America: The Winter Soldier got my sis and me into the Marvel universe, and then at the start of this month we started watching Sherlock... and now we're official multi-fandomers. Proud Dragon Riders, Hobbits, Whovians, Avengers, Tributes, and Sherlockians!

Anyway, I also wanted to do a couple (really old) tags some kind friends poked me with. (Some over a year old GASP)

• So first, GodsGirlRachel. She tagged me here:

1. Dr. Who? =3 Seen any? Who's yer fave Dr. and/or companion? X3
After all this time, yes now I have seen Doctor Who!! I love the Tenth Doctor to bits! Donna is my fave companion. :)

2. Do you love a special somepony? ~<3
D'aw! Does my sister count? She's as special as they get.

3. Any gamers? What's your all-time fave game? ;D
Oooh. Not me. I don't play.

4. Apples or pears? (Lol, inside Dr. Who jokes ftw.)
Ahaha!! I got it! Gotta love Ten. I actually love apples since they help my headaches. :|

5. Have you read the HTTYD books? If not, do you want to?
Read them and love them! Cressida is a genius.

6. Do you ever have sympathy for bullies?
I like to think I can have sympathy for anyone, if I can understand what motivations they have in doing something. If those motivations aren't necessarily malevolent, if they're motivated by pain or frustration, then I probably can sympathize to some extent.

7. Have you ever been REALLY scared? If so, over what?
Some sci-fi horror movie from long ago. A fire that came through our street when we were kids.

8. If you died fighting, what do you think your last words would be?
AAAAHHHHHHHH (probably not something grand and eloquent haha!)

9. What would they be if someone you cared about was there with you? (real or fictional...or both! ;D)
(Well I guess this feels a little more planned then. Like I'm in the trenches waiting for the firing to start...) I'll probably say a kiss-filled "I love you."

10. Who's your fave MLP royal? (Luna, Celestia, Cadence, AND, since he's married to her, Shining Armour. He's a PRINCE!)
Oops! I don't watch MLP. But those names sound lovely!

11. Do you like the Mane Six, or the villains in MLP better? (Bet chya can't make a face craaazier than...THIIIIS!!!)
Can't say! ;)

• And now onto artsyk's tag, from here:

1. If you was in the UK, whereabouts would you like to be?
Right NOW I want to be at the 221b Baker Street museum. And Doctor Who filming in Cardiff.

2. What Genre of Music are you in to?
Alternative rock.

3. Who is your Number 1 favorite character from HTTYD?

4. If you wanted to meet a celebrity, who would it be?
I love your questions! I have a handful of favorites. Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant, Robert Downey Jr. But if I had to pick one, it'd be Hiddles. All that wisdom and kindness.

5. What software do you use? Or do you just upload Traditional work?
I use Adobe Photoshop! But I often sketch in mechanical pencil.

6. What's your favourite cake?
Ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

7. What's your favourite flower and Why?
There's a lot of pretty ones, and I don't think I can pick a fave. Maybe roses?

8. Did you like The London 2012 Olympics or London 2012 Paralympics and Why?
I think I saw some of the Games. I'm not much into sports, but I enjoyed it.

9. What's your favourite chocolate?
Milk chocolate. I am not a purist. :XD:

10. If you owned a Mythical Creature, what would you name it?
Depends on the creature! Maybe Toothless or Shadowfax.

• And finally, iloveinheritance Tagged here:

1. What is the most amazing thing you've ever done to date?
Probably writing 200,000 words for the webnovel.

2. Do you like How to Train Your Dragon? (you'd better)
I do!!! It's consumed my life.

3. What is you favorite TV show?
Doctor Who. But Sherlock is giving it a run for its money.

4. Name one (or more) fictional character(s) you admire for any reason at all.
WHAT A QUESTION. That's the reason I'm in fandoms, to obsess on the answer to this kind of question. 1. Hiccup - his selflessness, humility, intelligence, lack of bitterness. 2. The Tenth Doctor - his immense sense of responsibility and morality and selflessness. 3. Tony Stark - his growth from a self-centered playboy to a responsible selfless hero.

5. What is your native language?

Boy!! Thanks for all the questions, you guys. I apologize for getting to these SOOOO late. Sometimes I get mind block when it comes to tagging. :P

  • Mood: Daily Needs
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  • Watching: Sherlock, s2


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